Anita Bardiariya-18th Mar, 2011

I am a new member of Temple of Yoga. I recently underwent open heart surgery, and the major reason for my illness was obesity. I was advised to join a fitness/yoga center – both for weight reduction as well as to lessen the pain in my right arm that troubled me after the operation. Dolly…


Nupur Agarwal-18th Mar, 2011

Well “TEMPLE OF YOGA” as the name suggests is really a temple for yoga. I`ve been going there for quite some time, and i really am glad that I made such decision.The best part that u get personal attention and training which helps u to get the best.

Ashok K-26th Jun, 2012

Excellent offering. I particularly appreciate the sincerity with which the senior training team handles the patients. Also, they keep a tab on the progress made by each of the patients on a regular basis. Strongly recommend particularly for yoga and physiotherapy.