Events & Activities during the year

International Yoga Day 2017,celebration at National Institute Of Technical Teachers Training and Research on 21st June,2017.

Health & Wellness for Corporate Women on International Women’s Day

On the occasion of this auspicious Day Team TOY organised “Yoga – Health & Wellness Camp” for the corporate women in association with HDB Financial Services on Wednesday, 8th March, 2017 at Dalhousi, Kolkata.

The primary focus of this campaign was health & wellness of professional women who can hardly devote time for their own health & personal well-being balancing work & home responsibilities. Overall 60 HDB staffs participated in the campaign.

The campaign started with an introductory speech by the founder of TOY – Dolly Chakrabarti. We covered various topics and issues related with physical and mental stress which can be minimised by practicing Yoga & Meditation. The participants were given live demonstration of various Yoga postures and Asanas by the TOY trainers and its usefulness in day to day life. The session was concluded with in-depth Q&A session where individual query from the participants was addressed.

Overall it was a very successful event and we are sure the participants gained valuable insights about Yoga, health and fitness and how it can transform their life and increase their productivity. 

International Yoga Day, 21st June, 2016

Yoga _ 10 X 6We celebrated the United Nation’s International Yoga Day in grand style at Mahit Mancha, Paikpara, Kolkata on 21st June, 2016. With the joint initiation and efforts of the TOY trainers along with our members we arranged for a Yoga Posture Contest with few cultural events. It was an auspicious event which witnessed whole hearted participation from small kids aged 5 to senior participant aged 66. In total over 250 people participated in this event. All the participant winners were awarded trophies for their outstanding performance. Service Discount vouchers were awarded to the quiz winners. In short, the 21st June, 2016, evening was devoted to Yoga – the real bliss of life! Take a look at some moments captured from the event below:


Yoga Camp for Students

Appreciation Letter(Lion's Club)Temple of Yoga in association with Lion’s Club of Calcutta, Mega City organised Yoga Camp for students at ChengailChakkashi Hindi School on 22nd November, 2015. This camp was attended by more than 150 students joining in from various nearby schools with some of their parents, faculties and Lion’s Club members. It was a very successful camp where the participants learnt various advantages of practicing Yoga daily for a healthy stress free life full of energy and happiness. The Camp started at 10:30 am with an introductory speech by Dolly Chakrabarti – Founder TOY. After the speech the participants were communicated various information related to Yoga & Meditation and how practicing it daily will transform their life. This session consisted of various topics like – What is Yoga, Why do Yoga, Yoga& Fitness, proper timings to practice Yoga, etc.This session was followed by a Q&A session where various queries of the participants were addressed. The session was followed by an hour of Yoga session in which the participants were taught various postures of Yoga and its benefit in day to day life. This session was completely supervised by team TOY headed by Dolly Chakrabarti. The Yoga session was followed by a short Meditation session where the parents, faculties and Lion’s Club members joined in together. The Yoga Camp concluded with a small prize distribution ceremony. Students who could answer most of the questions related to Yoga and perform good Yoga posture were awarded.

Foundation Day – Laketown Centre (TOY-2)

On 9th April, 2011 we celebrated the foundation day of our 2nd centre atLaketown. The event showcased anexceptional Yoga Competition where 175 participants joined in including our members and trainers. This competition had three age groups: Group A: Under 12, Group B: 12-30, Group C: above 30. MainakBenerjee established Tollywood Actor, Parag Banerjee and BabliSahaentrepreneur of multiple firms were the respected judges of the yoga competition. The event started with an intro speech by Dolly Chakrabarti – founder of Temple of Yoga followed by slide presentation on company background, yoga, stress management and various ways to stay healthy and fit. The presentation was followed by a quiz competition then the final round of the Yoga Competition. This was followed by an expert Yoga posture session performed by some of our members. The event ended with an exciting award ceremony. Overall it was a very successful and interactive event. Checkout some memorable snaps of the Foundation Day Celebration of TOY-2 below.

Joint Service with Kolkata Corporation :

The Institute has done a commendable job over the years. It has been able to build Source of Income for BPL Ladies where they were given the opportunities to exhibit their skill.

festivemood4Although the whole world is moving fast in achieving development in science and technology, the main problem lies with poverty followed by environmental pollution, climate change, terrorism and economic recession. About one-fifth people (1.2 billion) of the world are unable to meet their daily basic needs while about 2.7 billion people lead their lives by expensing below $2 per day. About 800 million people of the world go to bed with empty belly. More than 1.0 billion people’s purchasing capacity is below $1 per day.

Temple of Yoga is renowned for their expertise in the field of Yoga, Physiotherapy, Neurology, and Acupuncture, simple and complex. In addition we also jointly services with Kolkata Corporation for BPL Ladies. Our Expertise team also provides personalized training for BPL Ladies for secure their Future Source of Income relating to our field. Our main aim of the Temple of Yoga Academy is not merely an academic excellence , but a providing of the requisite training to enable them in their endeavour to blossom into truly humane, serviceful, integrated personalities, so that they succeed, at least in an appreciable measure, in living a life of goodness and wholeness personally, and of dedication, unselfish cooperation and constructive work socially.

Our Specialty programs for BPL Ladies include :

  • Physiotherapy
  • Yoga Therapy
  • Personal Grooming
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Computer knowledge