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Yoga hails from Hinduism

As Sadguru says,“Yoga is Hindu just the way gravity is Christian. Just because the law of gravity was propounded by Isaac Newton, who lived in a Christian culture, does it make gravity Christian? Yoga is a technology. Anybody who is willing to make use of it can make use of it.”

Yoga Is Only for Women

There’s no doubt that yoga is more popular with women than men.  However, this wasn’t always the case. In the records of time, yoga was traditionally practiced almost exclusively by men in ancient India.  Regardless, yoga is not a gender-specific activity. Men and women alike can practice and benefit from a regular yoga practice.

You Have to Be Flexible and in Shape to Practice Yoga

Many potential yogis get scared off from yoga practice by images of very flexible or fit yogis gracing the covers of magazines or website articles. But it’s true that yoga poses can build strength, flexibility, and balance, you can practice yoga without having those skills or attributes and still receive all the wonderful mind and body benefits. Yoga is for every body, no matter what body you bring to the practice. Tall or short, thick or thin, young or old, yoga is meant to adapt to you, not the other way around.

Yoga Is Too Easy

Yoga is not easy,it needs more concentration & hard effort.After practicing YOGA you will get control of Mind,Body,Emotions,Senses,Breathing,Environment.

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Member Reviews

  • “Weight is reduced considerably. Pain is reduced, could not stand and walk before, now it is fine.”
    SEX : Female
    Age : 70+
    Nature Of Service Taken : UST, Traction
    Ratting : 5/5

    Bechni Debi Saw
  • “Reduced weight total 15 kgs.”
    SEX : Female
    Age : 52
    Nature Of Service Taken : Yoga
    Ratting : 5/5

    Lipi Kundu
  • “After two and a half years of practicing Yoga here, I have been benefitted greatly. Lost extra weight and got rid of many problems to a great extent.”
    SEX : Female
    Age : 45
    Nature Of Service Taken : Yoga
    Ratting : 5/5

    Bithika Barua
  • “After practicing Yoga here I feel really good. I am very satisfied with the service and care of the trainers. The Director takes care and supervise quite well and loves everybody.”
    SEX : Female
    Age : 49
    Nature Of Service Taken : Yoga
    Ratting : 5/5

    Srabani Sanyal
  • “The environment is calm and relaxing. Trainers and members are cooperative.”
    SEX : Female
    Age : 52
    Nature Of Service Taken : Yoga
    Ratting : 5/5

    Mina Agarwal

Founder of Temple of Yoga

Dolly Chakrabarti
B.Sc. (Bio), BPT, CWYS, DWYS,
Post Graduation in Acupuncture

Our Services

Pain Management
When in pain, the last thing which comes to mind is exercise. Therapeutic exercise is a vital part of Pain Management. Pain is inevitable; every human being has to experience physical pain caused by variety of factors like age, accident, congenital disorders, etc.
Weight Management
Keeping and maintaining ideal weight is essential for a healthy and strong life full of energy. Weight Management is a long-term approach to a healthy lifestyle. It comprises of two main aspects, healthy eating habit & physical exercise which equates energy expenditure and energy intake.
Stress Management

Everyone suffers from mild anxiety and stress for variety of reasons from time to time, but chronic anxiety takes a tremendous toll on the body draining the energy resources and keeping the body in constant state of stress.


servicesYoga, Physiotherapy & Acupuncture for any psychological ailment and power yoga for women and children.We provide best physiotherapist in North Kolkata,Yoga Classes in Shyambazar and fitness centres in kolkata.Yoga techniques can help any individual get relief from stress, anxiety, hypertension, blood pressure and other related aliments.We also have meditation centres in North Kolkata.

Joint Service With Kolkata Corporation

The Institute has done a commendable job over the years. It has been able to build Source of Income for BPL Ladies where they were given the opportunities to exhibit their skill.


Although the whole world is moving fast in achieving development in science and technology, the main problem lies with poverty followed by environmental pollution, climate change, terrorism and economic recession…

Founder Dolly Chakrabarty’s Message of the day 

“To enjoy the glow of good health, you must exercise.” ~Gene Tunney

Our Location


Address : 10 A Ultadanga Road, Gokul Apartment (Ground Floor) Kolkata-700 004 – (Near Khanna Cinema, HP Petrol Pump).


Address : 1306/1, Jessore Road, Laketown, Green Park, Bajrang Apartment (Ground Floor), Block A, Kolkata – 700055 – (Beside Radhakrishna Temple)

Happy Testimonials

  • One of a best yoga Center. Good Environment for mind relaxation.

    Sumita-3rd Nov, 2012
  • I Have been a member of “Temple of Yoga” since last 3 months. It is a place that I refresh my body and mind.I am very happy with under guidance of expert trainers and Mrs.Dolly owner of temple of Yoga.Temple of Yoga is great.

    Mr Abhishek Agarwal-20th Jul, 2012
  • I am very much health and fitness conscious. For that i joined temple of yoga, kolkata and i got excellent results from here,i am very much satisfied.

    Rekha Devi Tatiakusa-07th Jul, 2012
  • The best one centre for our care and cure. The best thing of this centre is that every one who is associated with this centre feel Happy to Help.

    Ajit Vermaajit-29th Jun, 2012
  • It is very helpful, I wish I had started from childhood.

    Leena Sahaleen-9th Jun, 2012
  • I have been in touch with the Yoga Classes for a long time. The trainers are very efficient and friendly. I got good results and highly recommend pupils to join this yoga center.

    Pradip Kumar Paulveej-27th Jun, 2012
  • Excellent offering. I particularly appreciate the sincerity with which the senior training team handles the patients. Also, they keep a tab on the progress made by each of the patients on a regular basis. Strongly recommend particularly for yoga and physiotherapy.

    Ashok K-26th Jun, 2012
  • Hi, I am associated with `Temple of Yoga` for almost one year. Dolly herself as well as the trainers are doing an excellent job .Though I have not been so regular it has helped me reduce weight , stay fit and healthy.

    Abhika Agarwalabhi-24th Mar, 2011
  • Well “TEMPLE OF YOGA” as the name suggests is really a temple for yoga. I`ve been going there for quite some time, and i really am glad that I made such decision.The best part that u get personal attention and training which helps u to get the best.

    Nupur Agarwal-18th Mar, 2011
  • I am a new member of Temple of Yoga. I recently underwent open heart surgery, and the major reason for my illness was obesity. I was advised to join a fitness/yoga center – both for weight reduction as well as to lessen the pain in my right arm that troubled me after the operation. Dolly didi not only guided me with proper exercises, also helped me to manage the strain that I can take. I have lost 2 1/2 kg of weight in a month’s span and also my pain is negligible.
    Thanks a lot!!!!

    Anita Bardiariya-18th Mar, 2011