Pain Management

When in pain, the last thing which comes to mind is exercise. Therapeutic exercise is a vital part of Pain Management. Pain is inevitable; every human being has to experience physical pain caused by variety of factors like age, accident, congenital disorders, etc. In Temple of Yoga we help you heal from pain through Physiotherapy treatment and Yoga.

Some common Disease/Problems:

Cervical/Lumbar Spondilitis, Ankylolising Spondilitis, Low back pain, Osteoartharitis, Rheumatoid Artharitis, Knee Pain, Knock-knee, tennis-elbow, vertigo, frozen shoulder.

Our Services for Pain Management:

Therapeutic Exercise, ultrasound Therapy, Faradic Stimulation, Galvanic Stimulation, Wax-bath, Traction, Shortwave diathermy, Interferential therapy.